About Mentor

The structure and development of Skill Craft has been envisaged by its founder, M C Rathnaker, a Metaphysicist and Mentor, for the wholesome development of the human individual. Personality in the true sense of the term implies an all-round consideration of the faculties of the human individual so that we become healthy in the total structure of our being, healthy in every aspect of what we really are. Motivated by this engrossed in the research and Analysis of Human Behavioural Pattern, Complex personalities in Individuals, Mind and Matter, Success secrets.

What is Skill Craft’s Focus?

  • Providing Transformational Mentoring services.
  • Trading with Real to Unreal.
  • Making Mentee’s aware of their shallow perception of their own personalities, make them aware of their set behaviour pattern versus real time circumstances and its respective reactions to life situations, make them realise the gap between the external knowledge and Internal experience, invoking their inner powers that helps them to make right choices in life.

Who need Us?

  • An organisation or an institution puzzled with performance concerns and practical constraints.
  • One and all those who aspire to achieve success and rise beyond while making their living happy and peaceful both in their personal and professional life.
  • The one’s who wish to explore their individual values and Potential.
  • Any seeker who has a burning desire to conquer that space with Self-Mastery & Skill – Mastery.
  • Any entity that has higher vision and mission to rise above all standards and establish themselves as a unique identity in the global space.

Together let's Explore Value!

  • Every human resource associated within the organisation or institution brings out their full potential and capabilities so as to achieve the prescribed goals of that entity time and again.
  • Every resource associated delivers consistent and optimal performance throughout the tenure association of the organisation and take it up to the next higher level.
  • Prefer their human resource to stick with him for a longer period and strengthen the core values of the organisation or institution.
  • Life style of every human resource is enriched, so to strike a work – Life balance that reflects the organic growth of the organisation or institution.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative growth of the organisation or institution in pace with the dynamics of the industry and segment they are existing.


There is nothing with which individuals are not connected in this world. The physical body is the nearest object of consideration no doubt, but individuals are not merely the physical body. Individuals are also a mind, individuals are emotion, and individuals are intellect and reason. Individuals belong to human society, individuals are citizens of a country, and individuals are units of an international setup. Individuals belong to the whole world, whose breath individuals breathe, whose life in the form of the sun in the sky individuals enjoy, whose waters individuals drink, whose diet individuals take into. If you deeply consider your involvement in life, you will find that you are much more than what you appear to be to your own self. You have a wider comprehensiveness of being than your physical individuality.

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About us

Our experienced and licensed therapists work toward the goal of providing a safe non-judgmental environment in which one can experience and explore their entire range of thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas.

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