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Skill Craft provides students with someone to talk to outside of their networks who can give them advice and encourage them with their post-school plans. Many young people disengage from their education and drop out of school during their teenage years. The impact of growing up in disadvantage creates barriers that can make it even more difficult to see the benefit of completing Year 12.​

PEARL (Pragmatic Education And Reformed Learning)

India in known for its Wisdom since ever the seeking of knowledge is realized, and even today our traditional teaching methods is being adopted world wide. The delusion of modernization has masked its glory with shallow educating methods and dissolved the “Purpose of Education”.

Vigor of the Volition has incarnated as “PEARL” through us, which would sphere head a 360* view of rejuvenating the current education system by benefiting Students, Teachers, Parents, Management, higher grade education institutes and the World.

What PEARL offers to Management ?

  • A 360* view of growing the institution to greater heights.
  • The ‘Cause’ of inception of institution will transform into desired ‘Effect’.
  • Faith of parents & students on the institution will become invincible.
  • Unique identity will evolve with the passage of time.

What PEARL offers to Teachers ?

  • Mentoring the Mentors – Unique faculty development program.
  • The ‘Cause’ is need of effective training, then the “effect” will be excellence in producing quality students.
  • Deeper introspection with their inner self will magnify their individual potential and productivity.
  • Teacher – Student relationship will be enhanced.

What PEARL offers to Parents ?

  • Concern and stress over their children will be eliminated.
  • Will help them to rise their bar of support to their children.
  • Loyalty towards the institute will grow & grow.
  • Achieve Peace of Mind and let the children free and focussed.

What PEARL offers to Students ?

  • Will help them to understanding “the purpose of education’.
  • Will bring awareness on their true nature & imbibed potential that makes them to choose their path of higher education and design their own destiny.
  • Invoke liberal thinking when given with 100+ career options to choose and make them their own masters.
  • Eliminate fears and stress of life & education.

What PEARL offers to College ?

  • Would be happy to absorb well nurtured students.
  • Shall bring intensive focus on such students for deeper knowledge.
  • Shall provide more occupational exposure.
  • Easy admission process.

What PEARL offers to World ?

  • Industries can quickly pick up well groomed employees following this chain.
  • Can reduce cost of hiring process and deploy them instantly as and when needed.
  • More of entrepreneurship opportunities can be created.
  • Global benefits can also be reaped out.

Entanglement is getting succumbed into slavery of experiences.


To enhance the multidimensional focus of eudcation in the minds of students.


To raise their consciousness to higher level of achievers.


Building relationships between parents – teachers – students – management.


An unique identity will evolve for the student over the passage of time.

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